James W. Fannin Jr. The Texas Commander at the Battle of Coleto

The Upward Advance of Urrea

After the Alamo had fallen, Mexican general Jose de Urrea started to advance north alng the Texas coastline.

Houston's Second Demand

When Sam Houston caught word of Urrea's ascent, he ordered Colonel James Fannin to retreat from Victoria so as to avoid battle. Houston was obeyed the second time because Fannin and his troops saw what happened the first time.

Coleto Creek

Reenactment of the Battle at Coleto
James Fannin was forced to stop to fix a broken wagon wheel, and while he was occupied, Urrea caught up with the troops and a battle erupted.

The Unfortunate Outcome.

Unfortunately, the battle did not last long. Colonel Fannin's troops were no match for the highly trained troops of General Urrea. The fight was over by dawn and Fannin's troops were forced to march to Goliad, where the saga of this story continues.

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